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Writing for a blog is not something I’d ever imagine doing, after all, I’m more of an introvert, and I tend to struggle in finding the right words, especially when it comes to writing. In fact, I’d love to pass the buck on this and have someone write what I’m thinking without me having to translate at all!

I guess what is driving me to do this then is simply the pure desire to help, to reach out to others who are struggling and tell them all, you all, that if I can survive and prosper as I attempt to live an authentic life, you absolutely can too.

So what do I mean by authentic? I mean walking the walk. I’ve studied nutrition, fitness, energetics, live blood cell analysis, hypnotherapy and even accounting for goodness sake…all primarily for selfish reasons, namely to heal myself and then share what I’ve learned. I’m still working on it, and yet I’m far from perfect…more like attempting to be whole.

For example, when it comes to eating the right foods: I consider myself a fairly healthy eater yet I’m telling you right now that I’m a tea junkie, that’s the caffeinated, milky and sweet kind, and that I’m hooked on the crunchy salty goodies? You may be thinking that it’s not a big deal, but ahh, if you know anything about adrenal fatigue you might surely recognize that my habits are a recipe for disaster. (see further down the page for adrenal fatigue information.)

So, that’s what this blog is an attempt at. It’s being honest, being authentic, as I put a human spin on the answers. I’ll share my struggles with you as well as some possibly useful information, and maybe you’ll reach out and learn some stuff along the way. It’s the human side to the “know-it-all”. I hope you’ll join me!!


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Expansion and Contraction

Posted on 12 September, 2014 at 17:20 Comments comments (0)

This week there were some successes:

1. Wrote and posted a blog

2. Approached Curves fitness in Whitby and signed up participate in their open house (FYI I’ll be there Monday and Saturday, September 15th and 20th)

3. Got a new job at a health food store… started Tuesday!

4. Had an insomnia attack followed b...

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Adrenal Fatique

Posted on 7 September, 2014 at 20:00 Comments comments (0)

What is Adrenal Fatigue?

We have two adrenal glands. They are the little kidney shaped glands that sit on top of each kidney. Their main job is to produce the hormones that are involved in the stress response, including a...

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