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Live Blood Cell Analysis

The health of the entire body can be expressed in just a drop of blood!

The condition and quality of your blood has a direct impact on your present and future health, with stress and disease appearing years before they manifest in the body. Live blood testing is a simple technique that allows us to see a snapshot of your blood cells exactly as they are behaving inside your body, giving us a striking picture of your present and future health at the cellular level.

A drop of blood from your fingertip is gently placed on a microscope slide under a cover slip to prevent the blood from drying out. We then view the sample at high magnification with a state-of-the-art dark-field microscope that forwards the image to a monitor, allowing us to comfortably observe the cells in action.  Detectable conditions include inflammation, food particles in the blood, dehydration, parasites, immune system issues and conditions that favour arteriosclerosis.

Nutritional Analysis
With a nutritional analysis, you and Celia go on a journey to uncover the root cause or causes of your symptoms.  For instance you could find out if:

  • You are eating adequately to meet the demands of your body
  • You are fully absorbing what you are eating
  • Your body organs are under stress or are under-preforming
  • You are dehydrated
  • You may have underlying hormone imbalances
  • Hidden food sensitivities may be causing you physical and emotional distress

Once the root cause (or causes) can be determined, a plan can then be set in motion to help you obtain true and lasting health by addressing the primary issue (I.e, dealing with digestive issues, inflammation and other health disorders.)  This is how to truly get well!
Energy Medicine and Emotional Success Coaching

There is a real connection between our thoughts, how we perceive the world, and our health.  Using techniques taken from her training in energy medicine that include hypnotherapy and emotional freedom technique, she can help you to overcome obstacles that may be preventing true health.  


Celia facilitates healing by using a type of energy psychology which integrates a mind/body combination of counseling, intuitive techniques and non-invasive acupressure point tapping called Emotional Freedom Technique or EFT, to release the deep seated beliefs that hold you captive to the negative habits and thought processes as well as pent up "flight or fight" energy.  This is a scientifically researched method that is endorsed by both the American Psychological Association and the International Coaching Federation.  

Emotional Success Coaching will help you  get the specific results that you are looking for by clearing resistance, allowing for true and lasting change.  Clients report lowered anxiety and depression, greater calm, as well as a heightened sense of empowerment, happiness and joy in their lives.  Side effects may include weight loss and stress reduction.